Specialist: drifting behind car thefts

Specialist: drifting behind car thefts

Specialist: drifting behind car thefts

A specialist in criminology classified “drifting” as one of the most important reasons for teenagers to steal cars, which is the most important direct daily utilitarian property, pointing out that displaying in front of others for the purpose of deviant behavior is a factor of attraction for deviants among them, according to the testimony of those arrested in prisons.

And the specialist in criminology, Dr. Saleh Al-Dabel, warned in an interview with “Makkah” against leaving the car at all in the operating mode, even if for a short period, even if there were passengers in it, and to be careful to put the electronic chip for tracking so that it is placed in an unknown place, and to ensure that it is in a correct condition constantly. , calling on the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue to follow up on deviant behaviors related to drifting, continuous, routine and sudden inspections by the responsible authorities for bodywork workshops, maintenance workshops, and car agencies in which stolen cars are sold, providing electronic tracking devices with the police, and entering all cars into one information base circulated to all regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Dabel stated that displaying in front of others, especially for the purpose of deviant behavior, is the main factor for the dangerous practices that many of the muftis practice, according to the testimony of many of the muftis arrested in prisons.

He pointed to other purposes related to this type of theft, including the repairing of the car and selling it as parts or selling it entirely to auto repair shops, according to a prior agreement between the thief and the store.

He revealed that some new car sales agencies buy stolen cars for the purpose of taking them as spare parts for insured cars and others during maintenance, and that many thieves rent cars with forged cards from rental shops and sell them to others, and then they are drifted or trimmed, and then resold to others, calling on the security authorities. By activating reports of car theft in real time, and placing them within an information base that is circulated at the very moment of the report.

With regard to general regulations, it is necessary to activate insurance against theft and monitor its implementation, obligate insurance companies in the event of theft according to a police report, and punish those who leave the car in the state of operation as a traffic violation for which a deterrent penalty is applied through which they bear part of the responsibility, pointing to the need to verify the validity of certificates Car repairs, accident reports, and color change papers, because all these are loopholes through which work is done to modify the shape of the car and the body numbers.

He concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of monitoring the phenomenon of drifting and its practitioners, as facts have proven that this phenomenon is one of the most important causes of car theft.

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