Hamas license plate raises concerns in New York

Hamas license plate raises concerns in New York

Hamas license plate raises concerns in New York

Luxury cars often arouse the curiosity of pedestrians, especially if they carry an eye-catching number plate, whether it is a single digit or a distinct sequence of numbers. But the matter is different when the painting is “Hamas” and in America.

This is what happened in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City in the United States, where the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” is classified as a terrorist organization.

On one of the streets of the city, the car stands along the sidewalk carrying the controversial plate, or perhaps suspicious at times, as is the case for one of the residents of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, there is an opposite opinion adopted by the residents of the same neighborhood, who believe that it has nothing to do with terrorism, and that the painting is a means of expressing “solidarity with Palestine,” and that it is no different from its counterparts on other cars.

Between this and that, a third party described the matter as “freedom of expression”.

In addition, it seems that the owner of the car resorted to a trick that enables him to avoid being accused of being sympathetic to the “terrorist” movement, by deliberately repeating the letter “M” in the word “Hamas” in the English language.

Although the “HAMMAS” plate is officially licensed by the competent authorities, the vehicle licensing authority asked the car owner to change the plate, and sent him another plate, but he decided to resort to a compromise, perhaps from his point of view, so he replaced only the back plate.

Many are willing to accept car plates bearing the number of the beast (666), or perhaps they do not pay any attention to it, but when it comes to a car plate bearing the name of a movement whose classification the world has disagreed with, this plate becomes a matter of controversy.

Hamas license plate raises concerns in New York

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