Car dealerships: The “efficiency cards” decision is good, but late

Car dealerships: The “efficiency cards” decision is good, but late

Car dealerships: The “efficiency cards” decision is good, but late

After the Ministry of Commerce and Industry obligated the agents of car manufacturers to put the energy efficiency label on light cars of 2015 and above, a number of car agencies took the initiative to put the sticker on their vehicles, and some of them started coordinating with their main factories to avoid violations, in implementation of the instructions Ministry.

Some owners of car agencies in the Kingdom explained to Al-Watan that the Ministry of Commerce’s steps are good, but came somewhat late, as they were implemented on the ground in several countries from previous periods.

In addition, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Wallan Motors Company, the exclusive agent for Hyundai cars in the central region, Saad Al-Walan, confirmed to “Al-Watan” that his vehicles adhere to the instructions of the Ministry regarding the status of the energy card, and he said that the Saudi consumer has become aware and knows all his rights, indicating that the Ministry is diligent and taking good steps. .

Al-Waalan indicated that there is a future plan by the end of the year to serve 1,500 cars, noting that this requires approximately 1,200 workers in various workshops and halls, indicating that Hyundai sales in the Kingdom amount to 140,000 cars per year.

For his part, the head of the National Committee for Car Dealers in the Council of Saudi Chambers, Faisal Othman Abu Shusha, told Al-Watan that the ministry’s step is good and comes in the right economic direction, since energy rationalization is a necessary requirement required by the country’s interest to preserve its capabilities and wealth, and in line with what our religion calls for. Al-Hanif is not extravagant.

The head of the National Committee for Car Dealers added that the ministry was late in this matter, stressing that most countries of the world, especially European countries, have taken strict measures to conserve energy and enacted mandatory laws and incentive programs for them, and the largest energy wasting country is the United States of America.

Abu Shousha stated that the negative aspects of this decision are not comparable to the positive ones. If the excessive consumption of energy continues, there will come a day when the Kingdom will not find the oil it exports, pointing out that educating the citizen and resident through the energy efficiency card and raising his awareness is a necessity required by the public interest.

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