A project without a budget to solve the problem of parking in Jeddah

A project without a budget to solve the problem of parking in Jeddah

A project without a budget to solve the problem of parking in Jeddah

The CEO of the Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company, Eng. Ibrahim Katbakhana, confirmed that the automated system for managing “paid” parking lots, which is planned to cover the entire city of Jeddah during the next six years in conjunction with the end of the public transport project, is being implemented without a budget.

He told “Makkah”: “This project is an investment and did not cost the state any sums,” indicating that he will implement it in multiple stages, taking into account priorities in that.

He summarized the priorities in starting its first phase in the historical Jeddah region, then the country, in preparation for its implementation under the bridges to treat random parking lots, along with the waterfront and the main streets in Jeddah.

He added, “The automated car parking system will increase the usage capacity by 25%, especially since it will consist of multiple floors, apart from the fact that it works within the automatic vehicle recall system, thus reducing the space needed by the car.”

He pointed out that this project is the first of the development projects that historical Jeddah is witnessing, to turn it into an attraction area, as visitors suffer from the lack of parking spaces at the present time.

Yesterday, the Governor of Jeddah, Prince Mishaal bin Majid, inaugurated the first phase of the automated system project for managing “paid” parking lots in the historic Jeddah region, in the presence of the Secretary of the Jeddah Governorate, Dr. historical.

He pointed out that the project will organize the parking lots and the flow of traffic, as it includes the rehabilitation of sidewalks, the construction of car parks, the regulation of vehicle movement and pedestrian paths in a manner commensurate with the needs of each region, as well as its reliance on leasing the parking lots of the Municipality.

It is noteworthy that the implementation of infrastructure works for many parking lots has begun, in addition to the rehabilitation and construction of pedestrian sidewalks in a number of neighborhoods in the central Jeddah region, including Al-Hindawiya, Souk Al-Janoubia, the historical area and Bab Makkah, in addition to the bottom of the King Fahd Road Bridge.

With regard to Historic Jeddah, because it contains a number of monuments and archaeological and heritage buildings, and due to the sensitivity of the relationship between the urban nature of the historical area and pedestrians, movement and parking, focus has been placed on completing the infrastructure works for parking and pedestrian sidewalks and installing 39 meters, traffic signals and indicative panels to start the operation of the first phase of the project. A project to establish “paid” car parks in the center of Jeddah.

Project goals:

– Providing more space for pedestrians and shoppers to facilitate movement.

Organizing parking lots and sidewalks to achieve smooth traffic.

Rehabilitation of sidewalks to make them safe for pedestrians.

– Providing more parking spaces and organizing their use.

– Preventing wrong parking and disrupting movement.

Parking cost:

– 3 riyals per hour

payment methods:

– Electronic account (opening an electronic account and adding balance to be deducted from it).

– the coin.

– Smartphone applications (coming soon).

The dates of the awareness campaign and the actual date of operating the project according to the following stages:

– Awareness campaign (distribution of advertisements and educational leaflets from 20 to 30 August).

– An awareness campaign to train the public on devices and issue violations from September 1 to 8.

Actual start of operation September 9th.

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