A smart car from Lincoln at GITEX

A smart car from Lincoln at GITEX

A smart car from Lincoln at GITEX

Lincoln, the American automobile company, revealed during the Gitex 2013 exhibition in Dubai, its new smart cars, “MKZ”, which have various features, including receiving voice commands, a smart parking system, in addition to alerting the driver if the car leaves its lane. This is the first car produced by the Lincoln design studio.

With the synchronization system, the driver can communicate with the car via voice commands, in addition to touch, but the company warns against using this system in case the driver is distracted, or driving in abnormal conditions.

As for the active parking assistance system, the driver will not need to park his car in the traditional way, but the system will automatically do so, and the driver only has control through the accelerator and brake pedals.

There is another technology in the car that works during cruise control by sensing the speed of the cars in front of it, and then automatically adjusting their speed and setting the separation distances according to four settings that the driver chooses from.

And if a potential frontal collision is detected, the system activates a flashing light warning on the windshield, sounds an audible warning, pre-charges the brakes and increases the sensitivity of the brake support system in order to obtain full response when the car brakes, while the rear seat belts contain pads air in the event of a collision.

And the car has a system that enables the driver to maintain the lane by alerting the driver, whether during the day or at night, in the event of the car leaving its lane, through a front camera that searches for lane markings on the road.

The car alerts the driver through two means when an unintentional departure from the lane is detected, whether due to distraction or dozing off while driving. The first is by sending vibrations that lead to the vibration of the steering wheel, and the second is by automatically returning the car to its lane.

The company provides visitors to its booth with the opportunity to test-drive the new car virtually, and to go and tour it in many international cities.

According to Lincoln, this car is the only one in this category that combines all these technologies and specifications, at a price ranging between 140 and 160 thousand AED, equivalent to (38-43 thousand US dollars).

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