Microsoft launches Security Copilot, an artificial intelligence assistant for cybersecurity

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it is introducing a new generation of artificial intelligence specialized in cybersecurity through the launch of its new service for companies, Microsoft Security Copilot, which gives digital security experts a new tool to detect and deal with threats more quickly and better understand.

The company said that Security Copilot combines Microsoft’s huge database of threats with its expertise in this field to enhance the work of cyber security professionals with the help of easy-to-use artificial intelligence technologies.

Microsoft built its new technology based on the GPT-4 model used in the famous ChatGPT chatbot, but designed the new model to help companies assess their security status and help them detect new threats. Microsoft said Security Copilot is the first cybersecurity product based on generative artificial intelligence, and was developed specifically to help professionals move quickly against new threats.

Security Copilot provides an interface through which users can communicate with the system in natural language, as digital security professionals can ask the system to provide a summary of a specific vulnerability, and it can be provided with files and web links to scan, code to analyze, or request information from other security tools . Results can be saved in shared workspaces, allowing experts to analyze them collaboratively.

Security Copilot is designed to work seamlessly with digital security teams, enabling them to see what’s happening in their environment, monitor threatening activity, and make more confident and efficient decisions more quickly.

The company stated that with thousands of security attacks being recorded around the world per second, the tools currently available are no longer sufficient to stop attackers, and despite an increase in attacks by 67% over the past five years, the cybersecurity industry has not been able to hire enough professionals to keep pace with growth. escalating security threats. Hence the role of Security Copilot to enhance the capabilities of digital security teams by summarizing and clarifying security threats, helping them to distinguish between normal web traffic noise and malicious activity.

Microsoft said Security Copilot is constantly learning to ensure that digital security teams are operating on the latest information available about attackers, their tactics and techniques. It added that it is uniquely qualified to help clients explore and adapt artificial intelligence to enhance their cyber defences. The company said it tracks more than 50 ransomware syndicates, as well as more than 250 cyber criminal organizations, and receives 65 trillion threat signals every day. Microsoft technology blocks more than 25 billion attempts to steal passwords every second.

The company stated that its new system is currently available on a trial basis to a limited number of companies, provided that it will work to provide it on a larger scale in the coming months.

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