Smart driverless parking app

Smart driverless parking app

Smart driverless parking app

German automaker Audi is certainly close to introducing its own self-driving car, after it recently demonstrated an automated parking system operated remotely through mobile apps.

Self-parking system is available.Pilots parking“self-driving”Experimental drivingIn the company’s cars equipped with the “Audi Connect” system, which works in an integrated manner with a dedicated application for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

Unlike technologies offered by other companies for autonomous driving and parking that rely on additional capture devices, Audi provides sensors built into the vehicle structure, providing greater integration into the driving and parking system.

The German company has published a video in which engineer Annie Lin demonstrates the self-parking method, in which Lin gets out of the car and stops its engine completely, then presses the “Park” button. garden in the iPhone app and leave the rest to the car.

The car’s engine is started automatically, the Audi Connect system is activated and the car drives itself into a parking space, orients itself through the steering wheel and then advances and retracts until it finds itself in the right place, without any interference from anyone.

Despite the successful experience of the self-parking system, Audi indicates that the software system still needs a lot of development to be ready for use over the next decade.

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