Stopping the activity of insurance companies in the city puts customers in a “dilemma”

Stopping the activity of insurance companies in the city puts customers in a “dilemma”

Stopping the activity of insurance companies in the city puts customers in a “dilemma”

Citizens complained about the manipulation of some insurance companies and the sudden cessation of their activities, which put them – as they said – in a dilemma, especially since they paid sums for insurance with these companies, with the validity of the insurance until today, and they said that some companies closed their doors, demanding to take a position regarding what they described as the crisis and the fulfillment of a period Complete insurance.

On the other hand, a number of car showroom owners expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of evening shifts in the Traffic Department office, because the buying and selling activity is almost non-existent during the morning period.

Night shift

The sheikh of the exhibitions in Medina, Salim Al-Dubaisi, said that he demanded the need to open an office for traffic during the evening period, but to no avail, indicating that the movement of buying and selling is often during the evening period, and that the movement in the morning period is almost non-existent. Al-Dubaisi demanded that the issue of insurance be reconsidered during the process of selling the car, and that it be a process of transferring ownership of the insurance, just like the car form.

Insurance link

Dahi Al-Arawi, owner of a showroom, says that the car buyer is obligated to take another insurance, even if the insurance is valid, because the full insurance period must be fulfilled, stressing that a number of regions in the Kingdom have linked insurance except for the Medina region, where the buyer is obligated to new insurance at a time when there are insurance companies Do not change the insurance claiming that the insurance should be the same as the regular vehicle inspection.

car checking

Al-Aroui demanded a review of the examination of new cars imported from the Gulf, since this matter is not justified, and with regard to setting an evening time for traffic in exhibitions, Al-Aroui said that the Traffic Department opened an office for it during the evening period in order to clear the procedures for transferring ownership for a certain period, then it was closed for reasons We do not know it, especially if we take into account that the city is witnessing a high demand for cars from outside it, and this may cause a delay for the buyer and a waiting for the next day in order to complete the transfer of vehicle ownership.

Giving permission

Abdullah Al-Juhani, owner of a showroom, called for granting authority to car showrooms in order to transfer ownership of cars, in order to avoid delays and speed up the process of selling cars. Regarding insurance for new cars, Al-Juhani said that new cars must be insured by the company that supplies them, because the current situation burdens the buyer and that these The step guarantees the citizen’s right from manipulation by insurance companies, which today may be considered as a scoundrel without an attribute. Therefore, controls must be put in place for insurance companies to prevent them from tampering with citizens’ rights. Al-Juhani believes that it is necessary to link insurance to the vehicle ownership document (form).

under studying

For his part, the media spokesman in the traffic of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah region, Colonel Omar Al-Nazawi, said that they are committed to the official working hours, stressing that all transactions are completed at the end of the working hours, indicating that the Al-Madinah Traffic Department is conducting a study to limit the number of transactions contained in the exhibitions, and based on what results from this study, it will be uploaded. recommendations on this matter.

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