Cadillac wins Car of the Year 2012

Cadillac wins Car of the Year 2012

Cadillac wins Car of the Year 2012

The Cadillac ATS won “Car of the Year” for 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, while the “Ram 1500” minivan won “Truck of the Year.”

These two titles helped restore the glow of the name of “General Motors” and “Chrysler”, after they were close to bankruptcy, and the US government helped them four years ago, in addition to that “Ford” regained its position when it was nominated for both awards.

Such awards are of great importance, especially in the automotive industry, as a group of 49 automotive experts and critics participate in determining them.

This is the first victory for Cadillac since the long history of the award, which extends back to 20 years, despite the fact that General Motors has won the “Car of the Year” title five times, especially when the “Chevrolet Volt” won this title in 2011.

As for the “Ram 150” winning the title of Best Small Truck for 2012, it is the first for the “Chrysler” company since 2005, when the “Chrysler 300 Sedan” won the award, and it was the first time that the company won the title of the best truck, since the company “Jeep” won. Its in 1999.

The Cadillac ATS is a luxury car designed to compete with the BMW 3-series, which also achieved record sales for its class.

Although Cadillac sold 3,000 cars of this type, which is less than its counterparts from the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-series, it achieved the second highest sales of Cadillac’s design, second only to its sister. Cadillac CTS.

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