The Queen of England’s car breaks down

The Queen of England’s car breaks down

The Queen of England’s car breaks down

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II’s Bentley Rolls-Royce car broke down while she was visiting Sandringham, Norfolk, to pray at her church.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said today, Monday, that the driver was unable to start the car, whose engine was making a creaking and making noise, which sparked the laughter of the 86-year-old queen.

She added that “the bishop of the church, Stephen Cottrell, came to the aid of the driver by granting his blessings to the Queen’s car, which contributed to the start of its engine,” and the BBC quoted Bishop Cottrell as saying that “he was standing next to the queen while she was waiting for the car, but the driver was unable to from turning it on and there was a squealing noise from its engine, and tried several times to no avail.”

He added that he decided to intervene at this stage to spread an atmosphere of fun, and stood in front of the Queen’s car and blessed her, which sparked the laughter of the crowd, and Bishop Cottrell indicated that the driver “tested the car key after that, so its engine started, and the people gathered in front of the church applauded.”

Queen Elizabeth II attended a religious ceremony at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, near her palace in Sandringham, where she spends the winter holidays with her husband, Prince Philip, 91, every year.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II with her husband while riding in a car

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