Google announces (reader mode) and other new features for the Chrome browser

During the annual BETT Education Technology Conference, Google presented a set of improvements to its services and products, including the Chrome browser and the operating system (Chrome OS), in addition to the Google Classroom service for schools, and the Google Workspace cloud service.

The most prominent of the new announcements is the upcoming update to Chrome called Reader Mode, which is targeted at students and individuals with language-related learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. Users will be able to access Reader Mode through a new side panel in Chrome, which displays text from web pages in an easier-to-read format after removing ads, images, and videos. The feature includes customizable settings that allow changing font types, font size, line spacing, and changing the background color. This feature will be available in Chrome browser version 114 and ChromeOS 114, which are expected to be released several months later.
Google also announced an update to the Screencast screen recording tool in ChromeOS 112, which is expected to be released next month, to expand translation support into new languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Swedish and Italian. The tool that lecturers and students use to record lessons allows speech to be converted into a text file that can be shared via Google Drive.

And Google said that it will launch a new set of (Chromebooks) laptops intended for the education market, from companies such as (Dell), (Acer) and (Asus), that include features such as long battery life and support for the electronic pen for writing on the screen.

The company also announced a range of new features for its Docs and Slides services, as teachers will have ready-made templates for frequently generated content that can be easily reused.
Finally, the Google Meet video chatting app will get the feature to display subtitles for the app’s recordings. Google is working on the feature of raising the hand supported by artificial intelligence, so that the application captures the movement of the hand raised via the webcam, to display the icon of raising the hand in the meeting on behalf of the user. The company said that this feature will be available in the coming months.

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