Hitler’s car and Churchill’s house in Al-Khobar

Hitler’s car and Churchill’s house in Al-Khobar

Hitler’s car and Churchill’s house in Al-Khobar

He lived his life searching and prospecting for antiquities in all countries of the world.. His fame spread among antiques brokers in auctions.. If he enters an auction to bid on an antiquity, a car, or a picture, he must definitely be the winner.. He does not skimp on his hobby.. The important thing for him is that he He returns to the Kingdom and has achieved his goal.. His confidence in the ancient jewels and pearls that he possesses among the corridors of his house in Al-Khobar made him defy with all might that there be similar ones in the world.. As he is a lover of history, he is in love with his homeland.. and all his ambition is to dedicate everything he has to the Kingdom.. to be The nucleus of a museum comparable to all museums around the world.. He spent millions of dollars for his hobby, which he considers a disease, but he does not want treatment from it.

He is the citizen Ismail Al-Nazir, a lawyer who is considered a model of collectibles that is rarely repeated. “Today” I visited him in his house, and since the first moment we knocked on the door of the house, you feel that you entered a (crypt) from history, its contents take you to periods of time, political events, battles and movies Cinematography, art, and inside the house are weapons, paintings, cars, and original manuscripts, but the most dazzling thing that surprises you is the characters to which these collectibles belong.

Here is the original painting of Napoleon Bonaparte when he became emperor, and as the beholder says: The painter who painted it drew only two of it, “the first is with me and the second is displayed in the Louvre Gallery in Paris and is invaluable, and the rare original painting is also for him, which was painted for him at the end of his life.”

And as soon as you continue to wander around the house, you can hardly believe yourself when you see Hitler’s convertible car that he was roaming in the streets of Germany, where the beholder bought it from an auction in the British capital London, and the car of Sophia Loren, Omar Sharif, and the Churchill car from which he was leading the war operations in the Second World War.

Wonders and marvels

And we continued the dazzling tour, to witness more wonders and oddities, to find manuscripts and antiquities dating back to the ninth century AH, copies of hundreds of years old manuscripts handwritten, helmets, shields and weapons from the era of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, and cars from the nineteenth century that have no equal in all countries of the world. And bread distribution cars in Britain date back to the twentieth century, and old cars made of wood, and bicycles and motorcycles dating back hundreds of years.

bold Arab

Ismail Al-Nazer says: “I attended many well-known international auctions in all countries of the world, and whenever I enter an auction, foreigners say about me: (The bold Arab entered) because I am bidding on them, and I do not leave an opportunity for them, and the strongest competition was to buy the car of the British Queen Elizabeth more than twenty years”.

I own my country

Al-Nazir added, “I challenge the existence of collectibles in any country in the world of this level, and I wish and thank everyone who preserves this global history in our country, and what I have of invaluable global archaeological holdings, and is not offered for sale as the treasures of the world, as it belongs to my country and for future generations.”

He went on to say: “We die and go, but the heritage remains and does not leave the country.” Al-Nazir hoped that the museum would be built on a world-class model and would be a global tourist destination that would attract tourists from all over the world.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nazer worked as a legal lawyer with Saudi Aramco for 40 years, studied at King’s College in London and then worked as a lecturer at Harvard University, and the first lecturer on television in the Arab world through Aramco TV, and a former football player who used to play in the field of advanced midfield.

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