A car stirs memories of a woman…and she pays 50,000 riyals for it

A car stirs memories of a woman…and she pays 50,000 riyals for it

A car stirs memories of a woman…and she pays 50,000 riyals for it

A group of elderly people ride a “Steak Body” car and chant, “We are at your service, O God, at your service.” They attract passers-by with their proximity to the visitors of the “Buraidah Spring 33” festival, especially those who used to see that model of car making its way through the desert to transport pilgrims decades ago.

In another corner of the festival, which is held in Asilan Park under the slogan “Buraydah Marfa’a and Enjoyment”, an elderly woman stood in front of a 1976 “Jeep” car, and she could not hold back her tears, because it reminded her of the pilgrimage trip that she performed decades ago on board a car similar to it, so she asked about The owner of the car, and I agreed with him to buy it for 50,000 riyals.

The elderly woman said, “I wanted to buy the car to be in my house, to live with it the most beautiful memories of the distinguished pilgrimage trip accompanied by my father.”

The head of the heritage and classic cars team, Abdullah Al-Salama, told Al-Hayat that 150 cars are participating in the “Buraydah Spring 33” festival from all regions of the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf. in an endurance race.

He added that the judging committee is working on evaluating the entries to choose the most beautiful, rarest and oldest car in terms of the quality of the car’s body and its safety from modifications, paint, the history of the car and the cleanliness of its engines.

The cars displayed were divided into 4 sections, the unit section from 1948 to 1967, the classic section from 1931 to 1964, the Toyota section from 1966 to 1984, and the Datsun section from 1962 to 1977.

Ahmed Al-Arada, head of the Automotive Museum in Kuwait, considered that the Buraydah Festival is the best and largest in the Middle East, as the number of participants exceeds 150 from various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to the Gulf countries.

It is noteworthy that the most prominent participating cars are the 1933 Chevy, 1940 Cadillac, 1936 Pontiac, 1947 Ford, 1962 Internac, 1954 Dodge, and Pontiac. » 1956, and “Buick” model 1957. An auction is held daily to sell cars to historical car enthusiasts.

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