Warming up the car for a few seconds is enough… an equation that the owners are ignorant of

Warming up the car for a few seconds is enough… an equation that the owners are ignorant of

Warming up the car for a few seconds is enough… an equation that the owners are ignorant of

At a time when car owners, whether modern or old, are keen to warm up the car when starting it early in the morning, and a number of car showroom owners say that warming up early is necessary, even if the car is the latest model, a number of engineers and technicians confirmed that cars do not need a warm-up period. Long, pointing out that the official websites of most international car companies recommend not to prolong the heating period.

Citizen Hussein Abdullah Al Abbas says, “I make sure to warm up my modern car, so that the temperature index rises in it, because I hear that failure to warm it up leads to damage to the car’s engine.”

As for the mechanical engineer, Ali Muhammad, he says, “When the car driver tries to reach a certain temperature by warming up the car, this sometimes takes 10 minutes, which causes useless fuel consumption, whereas if we started the car and waited 30 seconds, we walked in it for two minutes.” And maybe less, we will get the same appropriate temperature, and this is what many car owners are ignorant of.

A member of the Training Authority in the Department of Engines and Vehicles at Najran College of Technology, Eng. Saleh Al-Marih, believes that warming up cars has become unnecessary in modern cars, and he said, “The time period that the car engine needs to reach an ideal temperature for engine operation varies between new and old cars. Old cars, by which we mean models of the nineties and before, need to be heated for a long period of time that differs from one region to another depending on the air temperature.

Which is by means of mixing fuel and air, and then entering it into the engine through the intake manifold (refrigerator), and part of this mixture condenses inside the intake manifold, and the lost fuel must be compensated, and this is done by saturating the mixture by using the manual or electric suction device, Also, some car owners remove the thermostat, which leads to the engine not reaching the ideal operating temperature in a short time, and this leads to the engine needing a period of time to respond to the increased engine load, as well as the lack of electronic systems in old cars.

He added that “modern models of cars use modern electronic systems linked to each other by sensors, through an electronic control unit, and thus the appropriate command is sent to the actuators according to the different operating conditions of the engine and the surrounding weather conditions, and among these sensors is the amount of air flow sensor, and the angle sensor.” The throttle, the intake air temperature sensor, and the engine coolant temperature sensor.

Al-Marih added: “Some cars use direct injection systems, and the heat coil is not removed, as some companies have canceled the mechanical warranty for cars from which the coil is removed when a mechanical engine failure occurs during the warranty period, and all of these indicators led to a reduction in the warm-up period in the modern car, This is stated in many car maintenance books.

And I set it to a period of time less than a minute, and it is advised to gradually accelerate when starting to drive the car.”

The trainer in the Department of Engines and Vehicles at the Secondary Industrial Institute in Najran, Engineer Abdullah Abu Insect, explained that “the car driver is keen to maintain it, in order for it to continue in good condition for the largest possible period, but many people miss the mechanism that achieves this. In the past, vehicles had a manufacturing mechanism, and the quality of certain metals.” And with the development of technology, the manufacture of cars began to improve, including the car engine, as modern engines became better in performance than the old ones, and many of the defects in previous engines were avoided.

He added, “One of the features of the development is that the engine in old cars needed a long period of time to reach a temperature called the operating temperature, and in modern engines this period has become very short, and in some cases it does not exceed a few seconds, and it varies according to the air temperature, and according to engine size”.

Abu Insect pointed out that “many vehicle drivers still have the old concept that the engine needs a long period of time to complete the warm-up process, explaining that many car manufacturers set the time period by placing a light that lights up when the engine needs to heat up, and when it warms up it starts to disappear, Or through the temperature indicator, on which the temperature numbers are determined, as it starts from 75 degrees, and the beginning of the movement of the indicator means that the engine has reached the operating temperature suitable for driving.

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