Installing a camera and a navigation device behind the Land Cruiser’s speed suspension

Installing a camera and a navigation device behind the Land Cruiser’s speed suspension

Installing a camera and a navigation device behind the Land Cruiser’s speed suspension

Examinations conducted yesterday morning on the “Land Cruiser” jeep, whose driver faced a cruise control problem, revealed the presence of added accessories and modifications to various parts of the vehicle that reached the installation of a rear camera and a navigation device (jps) by non-specialized shops that do not have sufficient experience to deal with Toyota computer systems and electrical circuits. This was considered by Japanese experts yesterday as a direct cause of the malfunction of the vehicle’s operating systems.

The committee formed by Hafar Al-Batin Traffic, the Periodic Inspection Station and the Toyota Company conducted comprehensive checks on the vehicle, where a complete rear door was installed as a replacement for the door whose glass was broken by bullets. By conducting field exercises on the vehicle, on the Hafar Al-Batin Road – Riyadh, and testing different speeds, led by the traffic soldier, Khaled Al-Hamidi Al-Mutairi, who drove the jeep at a speed of 220 km over a length of 80 km, accompanied by more than five experts, and the cruise control was used, and it was not found that there was any defect.

In addition, the committee formed to look into the case expressed its great annoyance at the absence of the driver of the vehicle, Abdullah Al-Tawala, and his failure to respond to the repeated calls he received, and demanded that he come to provide information about the problem he faced. However, Al-Tawalah confirmed, in contact with Al-Sharq yesterday, that he is in the capital, Riyadh, to prepare final arrangements for filing a lawsuit against Toyota, indicating that he is in the process of agreeing with a lawyer to start legally in this direction.

For his part, the Executive Director of Toyota Maintenance, Othman Al-Orabi, was surprised, in an exclusive statement to Al-Sharq, that the vehicle driver ignored the repeated calls and his statements about not receiving any contact from the company, and said: “I personally called him after the accident and congratulated him on his safety, then hung up on the pretext that he had a call.” Another from a big personality, then I tried to contact him more than once and sent messages, but he did not respond.

Al-Orabi said that telephone conferences were held with the parent company in Japan to discuss this issue, and they assured us that this type of problem had never occurred in any country in the world, adding, “The company is interested in knowing the truth to preserve the value of its products, and for this it is conducting tests.” Comprehensive and accurate checks on the vehicle in a neutral place, far from its maintenance centers, in order to find out the truth.

Al-Orabi pointed out that Abdul Latif Jameel Agency issued a statement about the accident after it became clear that the vehicle was from the Gulf, but sought to form a team to follow up on the case because it was keen to reach all threads of the problem.

Al-Orabi revealed that there is a Abdul Latif Jameel agency that had previously addressed the Ministry of Commerce and the Standards and Metrology Authority with complaints against some stores that tamper with the agents’ reputation by installing parts and accessories that are not commensurate with the agency’s systems and cause a major defect in the operating systems, indicating that all possibilities will remain open until the committee announces The problem is to consider the case for its results.

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