Google launches new tools to combat disinformation

Google has unveiled a set of new features aimed at helping users verify information and find reliable sources within its search engine.

On the occasion of the International Day for Verification of Information, which falls on the second of next April, the technology giant aims to provide users with the tools necessary to find and evaluate reliable information on the Internet.

And Google announced an update to the “About This Result” feature, which provides additional information for search results, to be available soon in all languages in which the search engine is available. Users can access this feature by clicking the three dots next to most results, which helps them find out more information about the sites they visit.

A new feature called “Perspectives” will present users with diverse perspectives on the main stories that the user is searching for, by displaying the opinions of journalists and experts, through easy-to-navigate cards that display views from websites and social media posts. This feature will initially be launched in English in the United States, with the aim of expanding users’ understanding of news topics.
The About This Author feature, an expansion of the About This Author feature, will help users learn more about content authors whose names appear in a Google search. This feature will be rolled out globally in English search results.

To improve access to information about a particular page, Google is making the About This Page feature more user-friendly. Users can type the link of any page into a Google search for quick access to information about the site.

Google search results will also display warnings that appear alongside some search results that contain false or incomplete information, or when the quality of search results is low. Google has previously introduced this feature to English search results, and will expand the feature to include search results in new languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

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