Banning diesel car washes in Eastern Laundries

Banning diesel car washes in Eastern Laundries

Banning diesel car washes in Eastern Laundries

The Municipality of the Eastern Province, represented by the provincial municipalities, has banned the use of diesel in car washes, due to the problems it causes in sewage drainage sewers, which are related to the closure and blockage of those sewers, as well as the possibility of some fires.

Yesterday, a source in the Municipality told Al-Sharq that the ban came to ensure the safety of sewage pipes from blockages caused by the use of diesel with water in car washes, in addition to avoiding fires that may be caused by the use of diesel, whether for vehicles or the wash itself.

He pointed out that during the last period of the issuance of the ban, about 42 car washes were seized that violated the decision and used diesel while washing some cars. To avoid such violations and ensure compliance with the regulations that preserve the safety of the citizen and the services provided to them with regard to sanitation, which covers many of the governorates and neighborhoods of the region.

He confirmed that the delivery phase of the sewage drainage project for homes in the Al-Manar neighborhood, west of Dammam, had begun after the completion of the connection of the main network pipes in the neighborhood, and that the coverage would be completed in full in the coming days.

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