To avoid car fires in the summer.. Here are these tips

To avoid car fires in the summer.. Here are these tips

To avoid car fires in the summer.. Here are these tips

In light of the high temperatures in the summer, the risk of burning vehicles while they are running or parked on the street increases.

The rate of fires increases with the presence of flammable tools such as perfume bottles, lighters, or gas canisters, or with the car’s air conditioner operating permanently and in the wrong way.

Means of protection

Stop if you smell gasoline inside the car, and make sure that there is no gasoline leakage. After confirming, the car windows are opened to remove the smell, and air enters it.

In addition to the health harms of smoking, you should not smoke in the car, especially in times of hot weather, to avoid the occurrence of fires.

You should also check the cooling cycle constantly, supply the car with water when it is low, monitor the temperature indicator, and check the battery, periodically during the summer, to avoid evaporation of the liquid.

Car fires

When turning on the car air conditioner, this should be done gradually, as turning the air conditioner on to its maximum level is a serious mistake, especially with high speed.

And you should know that the presence of perfume bottles in the car can lead to the escalation of fumes from them, and if they are closed tightly, the heat may lead to the explosion of the packaging, which leads to a fire in the car.

It is also necessary to monitor the speed of cars and know their suitability for the car’s tires. Each type of tire has a maximum speed, and the air pressure inside the tires must also be checked at least once a month.

In addition to the need to do regular maintenance of the car and maintain the electrical system, and not to replace the battery with a type of lower price and quality.

Car fires

What do I do when a fire breaks out?

When fires break out, the driver of the vehicle should stop quickly, remove everyone in the car, start with the children first, and then use the fire extinguisher.

After that, the driver of the car must open its engine hood, to confirm the source of the fire, work to extinguish it, take appropriate measures, and contact the competent authorities to request assistance.

Car fires

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