These are the ten most valuable auto brands

These are the ten most valuable auto brands

These are the ten most valuable auto brands

Recently, the annual “Brands” ranking of the 100 most valuable brands in the world was issued, which was topped by “Google”, after its brand value rose 7% to $245.6 billion. Toyota is the most valuable car brand.

The combined value of the brands of the 10 largest car manufacturers amounted to $ 139.3 billion, which is far less than the value of the “Google” brand.

The 10 most valuable car brands of 2017

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1- Toyota


Although the Japanese brand has lost 3% of its value since 2016, it is still the most valuable auto company.

2- BMW


This German brand has lost 8% of its value since 2016, and despite that, it is still the second most valuable car company.

3- Mercedes-Benz


In 2016, the German company recorded the highest revenues and profits in its history.

4- Ford


The American company recently made headlines due to its stock price slump and turmoil, which led to the ouster of its CEO, and yet Ford remains among the most valuable companies in the auto industry.

5- There will be


The Japanese company expanded around the world, building factories in America and Europe to strengthen its factories in Asia.

6- April


Thanks to this Japanese company’s partnership with Renault, and its recent acquisition of Mitsubishi, it will continue to continue its growth around the world.

7- Audi


The German marque’s focus on luxury, performance and technology in all of its production, from sports sedans to SUVs, makes it a big sales worldwide, especially in the US and China.

8- Tesla


The US brand has seen its value increase by a whopping 32% over the past year.

9- Land Rover


Land Rover was affected by the global financial crisis, but since its sale to the Indian company “Tata”, the company has undergone a major transformation, as the company introduced a number of attractive car models such as “Range Rover” and “Discovery”.

The brand saw a 17% increase in value in 2016.

10- Porsche


The German “Porsche” has always been an elite car company, but 20 years ago it was hit by a major financial crisis, and someone suggested the idea of ​​​​the Cayenne SUV.

Since then, the company has started to make big profits, thanks to the combination of SUVs and sports cars.

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