55% of taxi drivers are school and university students

55% of taxi drivers are school and university students

55% of taxi drivers are school and university students

A recent survey conducted by the Pencil Line marketing agency revealed that school and university students of both sexes are more than 55% of those who take taxis, while housewives are equal to 37% of private sector employees, and government sector employees do not exceed 5%.

In view of the online survey in which more than 3 thousand people participated, the majority of whom were females, as they constituted 74.9%, while males did not exceed the barrier of 25.1%, the result reached by the scientific team makes investing in taxis as a tool for advertising a fruitful option for institutions and companies. .

This was explained by the CEO of the agency, Muhammad Ghazzawi, who said, “The Taxi Media digital advertising screens project, implemented on 20,000 taxi vehicles in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Makkah, has proven its effectiveness in reaching advertising owners from companies and intermediaries to as much as possible to see their targets, especially In the presence of a clear diversity in the age group that rides these cars.

Ghazzawi pointed out important trends mentioned in the survey, related to the physical indicators of taxi users, as the percentage of those who own a private driver does not exceed 4%, while the vast majority lack this, which makes those who use taxis twice to five times a day up to 62%, which is a large percentage compared to those who use it only once.

He stated that digital advertising screens have an integrated marketing advantage, which is the feature of advertisers seeing their ads directly without an intermediary who determines the direction of the future of the advertising message, and stressed that this will centrally support the goals of the advertising companies to reach their target segment with accuracy and high quality, and at a lower cost than other traditional media, with Ensure the largest number of ad views.

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