Is swapping tires suitable for the car?

Is swapping tires suitable for the car?

Is swapping tires suitable for the car?

Some cars cannot rotate their tires, because the size of the tires differs between the front and the rear, and the tire consumption process differs due to the difference in the weight of the car between the axles and because of the inconsistent consumption of the tires. Also, in two-wheel drive cars, the tires on the drive side are subjected to a lot of pressure, which causes them to wear out quickly. And this, and it is necessary to know also that the front tires are exposed to more damage than the rear ones, because they work to direct the car, which should push you to the turning process. Here we will talk about this issue more clearly.

Benefits of swapping tires

Changing tires is an approved method for changing the locations of tires in the car, i.e. moving the tire from right to left, front to back, or in several directions. And as a result of the tire rotation process, the life of the car’s tires is extended, better stability when entering turns, better stability when starting from scratch, and reducing fuel consumption, even if by a small percentage. According to tire manufacturers, the importance of rotation comes because the wheel drive distribution in the car is uneven, as well as the weight distribution. Therefore, tire consumption will also be uneven, especially when driving on it for a long time.

How to change tires

The process of rotating tires differs from one car to another, depending on how the car is driven. And the pictures show how to ideally change the tires.

Is swapping tires suitable for the car?

Tire change result

In rear wheel drive tires, you will find that the rear tires wear faster than the front wheels, and vice versa with front wheel drive. You will also find that the front tires in both cases are consumed from the outside and on the sides faster because they bear the force of the turn.

As for four-wheel drive cars, the rear tires consume more, since most of the driving force goes to them. And the front tires are also consumed from the outside due to the force of the cornering. Therefore, we recommend that the recycling process take place every 10 to 15 thousand kilometers or every year in order to keep the condition of the tires new, and this period may be 6 months or even less. And good tires mean greater safety and better grip on the road, and they are safer in the event of any accident, God forbid. We wish you safety always.

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