For these reasons, everything you’ve been told about calories is wrong

For these reasons, everything you’ve been told about calories is wrong

For these reasons, everything you’ve been told about calories is wrong

“It seems obvious, if you eat foods that contain a lot of calories, or you don’t do exercise that helps burn enough calories, you will Your body fat percentage increases, which means you gain weight.

Unfortunately, however, the truth about calories is not as simple as we know it.

In this context, Professor Giles Yeo, a geneticist at the University of Cambridge and author of Why Don’t Calories Matter?, explains to the British Daily Mail that people should focus on the quality of what they eat, not the number of calories hidden on the side of any package.

We don’t eat calories, Giles continues, we eat food, and then our bodies have to extract the calories.

For example, human bodies are “not fire” that burn all calories equally. We absorb fewer calories when eating an orange than those we absorb when drinking its juice, even though it contains exactly the same amount.

And he adds that this is just one example of why the concept of focusing on calories, which sees food as fuel, and sees the body effectively taking the role of the oven, which came to light in the 1880s by an American chemist who wanted to know how much “energy” is in foods, is misleading. different.

He also confirms that cooking reduces the effort needed to digest, a piece of raw celery alone contains about 6 calories, but if you cook it, it can become 30 calories.

He explains that cooking is almost an extension of your stomach, which means your body does less work, so when you eat you’re able to absorb more calories.

Because of this, he explains, the number of calories on the label of processed or cooked foods is likely to be an underestimate.

He says labels on high-protein foods can overestimate the number of calories, because of the work needed to digest protein, we’ll only get 70% of those calories out, according to Professor Yu.

He adds that although an apple and a popsicle contain a similar number of calories, it is clear that apples are the healthy choice because eating too many empty calories will soon affect your health.

He stresses that these factors mean that the calorie intake is a “brusque tool” for controlling what we eat.

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