A new feature of “WhatsApp” is under testing

A new feature of “WhatsApp” is under testing

A new feature of “WhatsApp” is under testing

WhatsApp has begun testing a new feature of interest to many users of the application, which is the “status archive”.

A report by the “WABetaInfo” website concerned with technical matters stated that the “WhatsApp” application began testing the “case archive” feature with subscribers of WhatsApp Business services via Android devices, pointing out that if it succeeds, it will be offered to the rest of the application’s users.

He pointed out that with the new feature, a “WhatsApp” user can save the cases that he had previously published on the application in order to re-publish them later, and the images published by WABetaInfo show that users who activated this feature were able to save and archive the cases that they had published even 24 hours after they were published.

He pointed out that the cases will be saved in a special record that only the user can see and manage, and the record will store the cases that have been published for a period of up to 30 days. The report emphasized that this feature will be important for company owners or conference organizers, as they can display cases related to their business more than once.

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