4 benefits of chewing food slowly

4 benefits of chewing food slowly

4 benefits of chewing food slowly

Experts said that chewing food slowly has 4 important benefits, including improving dental health, warning at the same time about the dangers of speedy chewing food.

Experts explained that chewing food slowly contributes to maintaining the teeth in a good healthy condition, as it contributes to achieving better digestion, and this means that the body’s absorption of nutrients will take place in a healthy way as well.

And the expert in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Kings College London, Dr Sarah Perry, said that eating more slowly increases the response of appetite-regulating hormones, which can help you maintain a healthy weight.

She added that chewing more slowly stimulates insulin secretion, which means better glucose control.

At the same time, “Berry” warned that eating quickly will make you eat more than you should, and therefore you will be at risk of obesity and weight gain.

And previous studies confirmed that fast food puts its owner at risk of four health conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and metabolic syndrome, which increases their chances of falling victim to heart disease due to high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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