China makes a brutal-looking car (photos)

China makes a brutal-looking car (photos)

China makes a brutal-looking car (photos)

On Monday, April 25, at the Beijing Auto Show, engineering design company IAT Automobile Technologies will display an unusual off-road vehicle.

The aforementioned company was established in 2002, and describes itself as a company that introduces future technologies in the automotive industry and the design of its structures.

This company has previously cooperated with many Chinese companies that have been involved in designing electric cars recently.

The off-road vehicle, which will be shown at the Beijing exhibition, is supposed to demonstrate the great technical potential of IAT Automobile Technologies to its real and potential partners.

Of course, this car, which has not disclosed any of its technical specifications, will most likely not be mass produced. However, it will be difficult not to catch the attention of the exhibition visitors to this car, despite the diversity of traditions among the exhibition cars.

This Chinese tradition is not only amazed by its structure, which simulates the forms of fighters made with stealth technology, but also by its dimensions, as it can reach a length of 6 meters. Based on all this, this car will be powered by a 10-cylinder engine borrowed from a truck.

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