Ford beats Tesla with the best electric car

Ford beats Tesla with the best electric car

Ford beats Tesla with the best electric car

Consumer Reports has named the Tesla Model 3 the Ford Mustang Mach-E as the best new electric car of 2022.

This change is sure to give Ford a morale boost as it seeks to overtake Tesla in the race to become the number one manufacturer of electric cars in the United States.

Consumer Reports is an American nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to independent product testing, consumer research, and consumer advocacy.

Tesla has long dominated Consumer Reports’ electric vehicle rankings, with the Model 3 taking the spot for the past two years.

But Consumer Reports says that a variety of factors, including ride quality, reliability and in-vehicle user experiences, led to the Mustang Mach-E’s crowning glory.

Consumer Reports writes: The Model 3 is still a great choice and Consumer Reports recommends it. But the Mustang Mach-E is also sportier, in addition to being more practical, it is also quieter and provides a better riding experience.

Both cars have large infotainment center screens. But operating the Mustang Mach-E is much easier and doesn’t require multiple steps to activate routine features, such as using the defroster or adjusting the mirrors, as is the case with Tesla.

Consumer Reports applauds Ford’s decision to include a driver monitoring system in the Mustang Mach-E. Tesla has long resisted efforts to include DMS in its vehicles.

This came despite sending more software updates to its advanced driver assistance systems that benefit from a more robust driver monitoring system.

Ford is focused on competing with Tesla

Ford recently introduced its hands-free driver assistance system, BlueCruise, for the 2021 Mustang Mach-E.

An infrared sensor monitors the driver’s eye movements and the car issues a series of alerts if the driver’s attention begins to wander. In contrast, Tesla’s system requires only a hand on the steering wheel and has no system to monitor the driver’s visual gaze.

This isn’t the first time the Model 3 has faced off with Consumer Reports. The organization said in May 2018 that it could not recommend the electric car because of the long stopping distance during emergency braking tests.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, attacked Consumer Reports’ methods. But the company later sent an update that improved the car’s braking distance by about 20 feet.

Tesla accounts for nearly three-quarters of all electric vehicle sales in the United States. The company’s share price also causes discontent for its competitors.

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