A car that reads your feelings and follows your mood

A car that reads your feelings and follows your mood

A car that reads your feelings and follows your mood

The Japanese company Toyota is presenting at the Tokyo Motor Show this month a unique conceptual design for a revolutionary generation of transportation represented in a hybrid car for one passenger that responds to the voice of its driver, interacts with his facial expressions, changes color according to his mood, and drives without a steering wheel or pedals as if it were a horse on wheels. !

The car bears the name FV2 and aims – in the words of Toyota – to build a relationship between man and machine, through advanced technology for voice and image recognition that allows the car to determine the nature of the driver’s mood and adapt to it. This smart vehicle also collects information about its driver so that it can develop its performance in line with his preferences.

The car looks like a three-wheeled vehicle in terms of design, but in fact it has four wheels, which are distributed in a special way. The vehicle is revolutionary in every sense of the word, as it does not include a steering wheel or pedals, and all you have to do to drive and steer it is to sway your body in a way somewhat similar to controlling the famous “Segway” bike.

On the other hand, the car relies on what is known as “Augmented Reality” to display important information for the driver on the windshield, such as safety instructions, road conditions, expected weather conditions, and so on.

The FV2 includes an intelligent navigation system with advanced features that suggest destinations to the driver based on information it collects and analyzes on an ongoing basis. And not only that, but it also changes its color and external details in accordance with the mood of its owner.

Toyota said in a blog on the Internet that it “believes that the relationship between the driver and his car will develop in a way that enhances trust and understanding between the two, in a way similar to that which connects the rider to his horse.”

She explained that the FV2 derives its idea and design from the company’s philosophy of “driving fun” and relies on highly developed future technologies that enhance the relationship between vehicles and their drivers.

Toyota launched a unique application for iPhone phones and another for Android phones that explain the concept of this smart car in a distinctive way, in an effort to communicate the idea of ​​its project and arouse people’s enthusiasm about it.

Perhaps this wonderful conceptual design will not find its way to actual production in the end, and we may not see this unique car running on the streets, but it is very likely that we will see it in a Hollywood movie soon..

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