Chery unveils a new four-wheel drive vehicle

Chery unveils a new four-wheel drive vehicle

Chery unveils a new four-wheel drive vehicle

The Chinese company “Chery” unveiled its new vehicle, which it is developing to be one of the most prominent four-wheel drive cars in terms of looks and technologies.

The vehicle caught the attention of many thanks to the distinctive design of its facades, the lights installed on it, and the design of its interior cabin. The driving interface is completely devoid of traditional buttons, and the buttons are replaced with 3 screens. This vehicle will have two electric motors that generate a torque equivalent to that of a 2.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine, and it will also be equipped with 10-speed automatic gearboxes.

According to the available information, the length of this car is approximately 4 meters and 20 cm, its width is 183 cm, and its height is 170 cm. Its body is made of steel, aluminum and durable fiber, and it is equipped with a panoramic roof with a very distinctive design.

The new car came with a large structure, its appearance suggests strength and modernity at the same time, and it is equipped with large wheels and special suspension systems that enable the vehicle to pass the most rugged roads, and its prices will start from 21 thousand dollars.

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