The release of an Australian woman accused of killing her children

The release of an Australian woman accused of killing her children

The release of an Australian woman accused of killing her children

Australian Kathleen Fulbig was acquitted after 20 years spent in prison for the murder of her four children, after discovering the real cause of their death.

Scientists believe that a mutation in the CALM gene affecting one in every 35 million people caused her two daughters to die of a rare syndrome called somnolence.

In 2003, Fulbig was found guilty of three counts of murder and one count of manslaughter, and became known as Australia’s “worst serial killer” as she maintained her innocence.

Some research has been done on mutations of the CALM gene that could help explain what happened to the four children. The human body needs the CALM1, CALM2 and CALM3 genes to produce a protein called calmodulin, which is essential for life, and controls the movement of calcium around cells, as well as helps control contraction. Rhythm of the heart.

And in 2012, scientists found that a mutation in a single amino acid in the CALM1 gene caused arrhythmias and cardiac deaths in a large Swedish family.

In 2019, genetics experts tried to exonerate Volpig, based on this data, but that was not enough, and she had to wait until 2020 when experts concluded that her two daughters, Laura and Sarah, had two new mutations in CALM2 that structurally altered calmodulin proteins.

Experts concluded that the other two children, Caleb and Patrick, did not have mutations in CAL, however they did have one copy of the mutated BSN gene, a genetic mutation that may be responsible for Patrick’s blindness and epileptic seizures and could explain his early death.

Scientists signed a petition, indicating that a rare genetic mutation was behind the death of her children, as all this evidence culminated in a petition for her pardon, so that the state launched a new investigation that ended with an amnesty.

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