What should you do when the car engine overheats?

What should you do when the car engine overheats?

What should you do when the car engine overheats?

A higher engine temperature than normal leads to problems that may cause engine damage, and there are many factors that affect the engine temperature, including the age of the engine, the car model, the amount of distance traveled, and the percentage of water concentration inside the radiator.

Causes of hyperthermia

There are several reasons for a car’s engine overheating, including low coolant level, damaged cooling fan, dirt buildup, radiator blockage, wiring problems, lack of engine oil, and a damaged water pump.

The normal engine temperature ranges between 75-105 degrees Celsius, and most cars, when they are started, the engine temperature remains between 80-90 degrees Celsius, and the temperature varies by a small percentage in summer or winter days, and the difference may occur according to the nature of the roads on which the car is traveling. Whether it’s in the city, in traffic, on the highway or in the hills.

What should you do when the car engine overheats?

The difference in temperature in some circumstances is normal if this rise is fixed at a certain limit and does not continue for more.

In the event that the temperature rises above the normal limit and warnings appear in the temperature indicator, the following procedures should be followed:

Turning off the air conditioner, turning on the heating, opening the windows, slowing down directly and not putting the transmission on N, but using the brake pedal gradually until it stops, as this helps reduce the heat in the cooling cycle.

After stopping in a safe place, turn on the warning lights and turn off the engine, then open the engine hood for at least 25 minutes before opening the radiator cap, avoid opening it directly with the engine temperature high, as the water temperature may reach 140 degrees Celsius and may cause serious burns .

What should you do when the car engine overheats?

After waiting for a sufficient period for the engine to cool down, it is possible to use a thick cloth and rotate the radiator cap slowly and stop when you hear the first “click” sound, and wait a little until the remaining hot water vapor comes out, after that the cover can be rotated and the second “click” sound is heard and opened completely .

What should you do when the car engine overheats?

Put a little engine coolant or lukewarm water, then start the engine, complete the addition of the liquid gradually, and avoid adding the entire liquid quickly, and avoid using cold water, which may affect the internal parts that are still hot.

Re-close the radiator cap, then head to the nearest service center to ascertain the cause of the extreme temperature rise.

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