Apple releases the iOS 16.4 update with a set of new features

Apple just released a new update for iPhone and iPad tablets. The iOS 16.4 update includes a number of new features and a number of bug fixes.

For emoji lovers, the update brings twenty-one new emoticons, including animals, hand signals, and a host of new items.

Among the most prominent new features introduced by Apple in this update is the Voice Isolation feature, which prioritizes the user’s voice in phone calls and reduces background noise, which helps to communicate the speaker’s voice with greater clarity.

The update also supported the ability to receive notifications from web applications added to the home screen. Previously, receiving notifications was only possible through native iOS apps installed through the App Store.

The update added a new feature to the Accessibility settings aimed at helping those who are sensitive to flashing lights, as the new option can be set to automatically reduce screen brightness when flashing lights appear while watching a video.

And Apple updated the Photos viewing app to automatically identify duplicate photos and videos shared to the iCloud cloud storage service.
In addition, the update fixes a number of bugs, such as an issue that disrupted the ability to interact with home heat controls when linked to the Apple Home app. The update also fixed an issue that caused a notification to not appear on parental devices when a child requests an app from their device. Finally, Apple has improved the Crash Detection feature on my (iPhone 14) and (iPhone 14 Pro) phones.

iOS users can get the new update by going to the Settings menu, then to General Settings, then pressing Software Update.

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