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The Binance platform has witnessed, in the past period, many rumors about it and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao. Certainly, the latest of these rumors was that Zhao received a red notice from Interpol.
BNB price drop due to rumors

These rumors led to a drop in the price of BNB, although the rumors were later denied. Zhao said the rumor was spread using a photoshopped image of the alleged notice. Meanwhile, in keeping with his message of “ignoring scams and rumors,” he said the cryptocurrency industry should unite to fight rumors.
Binance CEO calls for unity in the crypto market

The rumors about the Interpol notice to the CEO of Binance began when a cryptic message was decrypted saying “Interpol sent Zhao a red notice.” The message, which was decrypted using the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, was originally posted to Cobie’s tweet. Zhao denied the allegations and said the alleged red notice was posted using a photoshopped image. He also questioned whether the rumors were planted by another crypto exchange.

At one point, the BNB price saw a 3% drop due to rumors about Zhao’s Interpol notice. More volatility would have been fatal for the crypto market given Binance’s dominance in terms of virtual asset exchange market share. Zhao said such speculation hurts the industry and even those who planted the rumors. He added that the industry is already facing significant concerns in the form of regulatory scrutiny.

“There are enough external forces attacking us,” Zhao said. Our industry needs to unite at this juncture.”

Meanwhile, bitcoin price is steadily trading around the $28,000 mark despite some cryptocurrency exchange rumors.

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