Study: Nail polish dryers may cause cancer

Study: Nail polish dryers may cause cancer

Study: Nail polish dryers may cause cancer

A recent study warned of the danger of using nail polish dryers in beauty salons on skin cells, as a result of their use of ultraviolet rays, which cause skin cancer and DNA damage.

The study, which was conducted at the Universities of California and Pittsburgh in the United States, showed that there is evidence of the harm that the radiation source used in these devices may cause on the hands, as the rays of the lamp in the paint dryer easily penetrate the skin and cause unknown results.

Principal researcher Ludmil Alexandrov pointed out that the results of the experiment proved that ultraviolet light emitted from nail-drying lamps can damage the DNA of human cells.

He added, when samples of human cells were placed inside a nail polish dryer for two sessions of 20 minutes each, about 20 to 30% of the cells died, while the cells that remained showed signs of DNA damage and mutations associated with skin cancer.

The researchers stressed that the current studies are not sufficient, and that these results do not provide direct evidence of an increased risk of cancer, but they indicate that there is an appreciable level of risk.

In 2009, two healthy women who underwent regular manicure procedures and had no family history developed skin cancer.

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