Compared to the past, why do women lose their hair more these days?

Compared to the past, why do women lose their hair more these days?

Compared to the past, why do women lose their hair more these days?

Recently, women suffer from the phenomenon of hair loss, more than what the previous generation suffered from, and this may be due to the side effects of a medication, or perhaps as a result of a health condition, or stomach stress, and in this report we learn about the most common causes of hair loss:

1-With regard to health conditions, which cause hair loss, it comes on top of thyroid deficiency and disorders, or major hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, or after menopause.

2-Hair loss may be hereditary, or what is scientifically known as “male-shaped alopecia”, and women who suffer from this phenomenon usually have a little hair, but they do not become completely bald. This phenomenon can begin in the second, third or fourth decade of life.

3-Hair loss may be caused by medications, such as medications for cancer, high blood pressure, depression, or taking birth control pills.

4-Sometimes women lose a lot of their hair, due to the use of harmful chemicals, such as hair dyes, hair straighteners, or curling materials, especially when used frequently.

5-Immune system problems may be the cause of what is called alopecia areata or partial hair loss, a condition that occurs in children and adults of any age.

6- Psychological pressure and stress are two main factors for hair loss, or what is scientifically known as the “terminal phase”, without completely balding spots. This type of condition often stops on its own after several months.

7-Temperature, low-protein diet, iron deficiency in the blood, severe and severe pollution can all be causes of hair loss.

8- Ringworm caused by fungal infection also causes hair loss after dandruff-covered spots appear on the scalp, causing redness of the skin color and swelling or fluids from the scalp.

9- She may also suffer from hair loss due to stress and tension, or some bad habits, such as trichotillomania in adults and children, which leads to hair loss, or the appearance of areas that are not completely covered with hair.

10-Alopecia areata, which is one of the rare phenomena that causes the appearance of bald spots accompanied by itching or pain, and the formation of inflammation around the hair particles and damage, which leads to scarring or hair loss instead of growth.

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