Amazon brings Alexa to Jaguar and Land Rover cars

Amazon brings Alexa to Jaguar and Land Rover cars

Amazon brings Alexa to Jaguar and Land Rover cars

Jaguar Land Rover announced a software update this week that provides deep integration with Amazon Alexa for newer car models.

The update is available for more than 200,000 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with the Pivi Pro 3.0 or later infotainment system via a remote update.

This follows efforts by Amazon early last year to make available some of Alexa’s artificial intelligence in order to allow car manufacturers to better integrate the assistant into cars.

The voice assistant in Jaguar and Land Rover cars can be used without the need for a smartphone.

It’s also able to help drivers hands-free play music, navigate to points of interest, and everything else Alexa can do like fetch news and weather information.

And you can even lock and unlock the car using new skills remotely with Alexa from the comfort of your home.

Many manufacturers still require customers to take the vehicles to the dealership for software updates. But Jaguar Land Rover has joined the few that can deliver it through the air.

Amazon Assistant reaches more cars to rival Google

Although Jaguar Land Rover says the Alexa is coming as a free AirPlay update software. But there are some caveats.

The vehicle must have the Pivi Pro infotainment system and a valid subscription to the online package. The software must be updated to OS3.0 or later to enable Alexa.

Existing vehicles may require multiple updates to reach OS3.0. For some owners, this may also require a visit to the retailer.

Car software must be updated and activated to enable Alexa. Also, the user must have a working Amazon account.

Activating Alexa requires scanning a QR code across the screen that links the InControl Connect app to the owner’s Amazon account.

Amazon highlights the importance of working closely with Jaguar Land Rover on this and how feature updates continue.

The company said: Customers around the world interact with Alexa billions of times every week. This makes life easier, more productive and more enjoyable.

She added: We want to provide the same fun and comfortable experience for Jaguar and Land Rover customers. As Alexa gets smarter, new features and capabilities are added over time and delivered to cars automatically.

The competition has become fierce between Amazon and Google in the field of cars. With the availability of the Google Assistant via Android Automotive for many Volvo, Polestar, Hummer electric and Lucid Air cars.

Alexa was previously only available in some cars as a secondary voice option alongside digital assistants, as in some BMWs, or as an internal app that connects to a phone alongside Sync in some Fords.

Manufacturer partnerships like Jaguar Land Rover present an opportunity for Amazon to increase Alexa adoption and rival Google Assistant.

Amazon brings Alexa to Jaguar and Land Rover cars

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