Beds for rent on planes starting next year

Beds for rent on planes starting next year

Beds for rent on planes starting next year

In a first of its kind, New Zealand’s national airline decided to allow passengers to “rent” a bed to sleep on during its flights on board the eight new “Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner” aircraft that will arrive in the country in 2024.

The company said that the beds will be for sleeping for 4 hours, within two-storey cabins that can accommodate 6 people, known as “Sky Nest”, which are very close to each other, but each has a curtain for some privacy for those who sleep on it.

She added that each “cabin” will include a pillow, sheets and a blanket, provided that the service is available to economy class passengers, who usually suffer due to the narrow spaces between the seats.

According to the airline, passengers will only be allowed to book one session per flight for a period of 4 hours, and the bed can be used by one member of a family per session, meaning that it cannot be rotated among its members.

The cabins will appear for the first time on long-haul flights, from Oakland to New York and from Oakland to Chicago, which take more than 15 hours.

Air New Zealand sales officer Lianne Geraghty said they were still considering price and were looking at around NZ$400 to NZ$600 (US$250 to US$380) for four hours of sleep.

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