Scientific reasons for the appearance of white hair in women

Scientific reasons for the appearance of white hair in women

Scientific reasons for the appearance of white hair in women

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crown and that gray hair is the crown of dignity on the head. White hair is one of the most common signs of advancing age, implying that many gray people have reached maturity.

However, age is not the only reason why gray hair or gray hair creeps into the head, and the following are the most prominent reasons behind the appearance of gray hair and how to avoid it invading larger areas as much as possible, according to what WebMD reports as follows:


Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, a chemical that gives hair its colour. With age, these cells begin to atrophy and new hair strands grow in a lighter color, taking on different shades of gray, silver and eventually white. Of course, genetics and race control how and how quickly these developments occur.

Health problems

Health reasons that lead to premature graying include:

• Vitamin B12 deficiency

• Certain tumors are rare and inherited

• Thyroid disease


• Alopecia areata


Stress does not directly turn gray hair but can cause a condition that causes hair to fall out about 3 times faster than normal. It is possible that when the hair grows back it will be gray instead of its original colour.


Smoking affects the human body from head to toe, including the hair on the head. One study showed that smokers are two and a half times more likely to have gray hair before the age of 30 compared to non-smokers. It can also make silvery gray look yellow.

Ways of care and prevention

Gray hair is thinner than hair of a natural color because the cuticle is thinner, and it needs natural protection from water and UV rays from the sun, humidity, chemicals, and heat styling. Moisture treatments, hair oils, and anti-frizz products can also combat dull, dry grays.

Camouflage without dye

If there is only a few gray hairs or few tufts, ladies can hide it by wearing a stylish headband or switching up the hairstyle, so that the darker hair takes over those areas where there are gray highlights.

Herbs and henna

Natural henna and herbs can be used to add a red, brown or black sheen to hair without the need for chemical dyes.

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