What is the difference between petrol and electric cars?

What is the difference between petrol and electric cars?

What is the difference between petrol and electric cars?

Many people plan to switch to electric cars, after these cars have recently spread on a large scale, as they have become competitive with fuel-powered cars.

Most manufacturers offer at least one electric model in their range, with the car charging network also continuing to expand in order to facilitate and appeal to consumers.

Many countries encourage their citizens to switch to an electric car, due to its various advantages, especially as it is less harmful to the environment compared to fuel cars.

Presentation of the most prominent differences between gasoline cars and electric cars

The face of comparison

Electric cars

petrol cars

power source


petroleum or fossil fuels

the noise

Easy to operate and does not make sounds or noise

Some sounds are produced while driving

maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of an electric car are significant compared to petrol cars

They cost a lot of money especially as they age (changing oil, coolant, filters, spark plugs)

maximum distance

The maximum distance traveled by an electric vehicle depends on the storage capacity of the battery

The maximum distance a petrol car can travel depends on the volume of the fuel tank

pollution rates

Electric cars do not produce any smoke emissions

It produces more harmful gases during its use


Recharging an electric vehicle may take an hour nowadays

The car is refilled with petrol in 5 minutes or less

packing cost

It costs $300 to $400 to charge an electric car annually

A gasoline car can cost you $1,000 to $2,500 a toothH

The distance it travels on a single charge

The new electric car can travel 200 km on a single charge, while companies are currently working to increase the range of the car

A petrol car can travel an average of 700 km, depending on the capacity of the fuel tank

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