Here are the most important steps to correct the nose with cosmetic techniques

Here are the most important steps to correct the nose with cosmetic techniques

Here are the most important steps to correct the nose with cosmetic techniques

Correcting the shape of the nose is the most common plastic surgery among women and men alike, due to its ease of application and the rapid appearance of its adjustable results. However, it remains a surgical procedure that comes with some risks. This explains the emergence of non-surgical cosmetic techniques that correct many nasal defects. Get to know them below.

What is a non-surgical nose correction?
It is a set of cosmetic procedures that reshape the nose without the need for any surgical techniques. It relies on injecting filling materials, most notably hyaluronic acid and Botox. The goals and techniques of these procedures are diverse:
• Shaping the nose with filling materials.
• Correction of nasal wrinkles by Botox injection.
• Lifting the front of the nose by injecting Botox and/or hyaluronic acid.
The most frequently asked correction requests are: correction of nasal hump, correction of nasal crookedness, and correction of depression in the front of the nose.

How is non-surgical nose correction performed?
The stages of this procedure are similar to injection sessions with hyaluronic acid and Botox:
• The session begins with the application of an anesthetic cream about an hour before the start of the procedure. In the case of using hyaluronic acid, the anesthetic cream can be dispensed with, as this acid contains an anesthetic component.
• The injection process takes place in the plastic clinic.
• The results are immediate in the case of injections with hyaluronic acid, while when injecting Botox, the results appear gradually after a few days.
• It is recommended to apply ice on the nose after completing this medical procedure to avoid any bruising.
• Activity can be restored immediately after the injection session. There are no prohibitions in the case of hyaluronic acid injections, but in the case of Botox injections, it is recommended to avoid any sporting activity in the 24 hours following the treatment. As for the application of make-up, it is possible immediately after the treatment.

What are the cases that need hyaluronic acid correction?
Correction by injection of hyaluronic acid is an effective procedure to reshape the nose and correct its defects without resorting to plastic surgery. But the cases that can benefit from this procedure must be carefully selected because the boundaries between the procedure that can be applied with mobilization and the procedure that requires classical surgery are very narrow.

Low nose base:
Hyaluronic acid injections raise the base of the nose and achieve a balanced angle between the forehead and nose. The results in this case are fast and noticeable.

Nose bump:
This situation is a trap for the doctor who needs great experience in guiding the patient towards the outcome that awaits him. It is recommended to treat the edges of the nose and correct its front, which sometimes needs a simple lift.

Crooked nose:
The twist in the nose is associated with an asymmetry of the cartilaginous structure that is not associated with any deformity of the nasal septum. In this case, hyaluronic acid injections can reshape the edges of the nose by filling in the areas that need reshaping. The results achieved by this treatment are not as obvious as those of surgery, but they provide a precise correction of the crooked appearance of the nose.

Correcting the results of previous operations:
Hyaluronic acid injections can correct errors caused by previous surgeries performed to correct the shape of the nose. Among the most prominent of these errors, we mention: imbalance, the nose that takes the shape of an inverted V letter, and a cavity in the nose.
To obtain final corrective results, the restoration must be done through cartilage transplantation, but the use of filling injections in this field can give an idea of ​​what the restoration will be like.

– Which cases need Botox correction?
Botox injections can correct nasal defects in the following cases:

Smoothing nose wrinkles:
The wrinkles that appear on the nose are many: some extend to the base separating the nose from the forehead, and some appear at the sides of the nose. Botox injections contribute to smoothing out these wrinkles in minutes and in just one session.

Raising the front of the nose:
Botox injections allow the front of the nose to be lifted in moderation and without the need for surgery. As for its effectiveness, it is related to the strength of the muscles that pull the front of the nose down when laughing or making expressive movements in the face.

Its benefits and limitations:
Aesthetic techniques to correct the nose have the following benefits:
• The results are immediate and disappear after several months.
• Injected substances do not cause any problems in the body.
• Suitable for people who are reluctant to undergo plastic surgery and are looking for other ways to modify the shape of the nose.
• The possibility of adapting the treatment to the new requirements of advancing age.

The limitations of this technology are related to the following:
• The therapeutic possibilities in the case of injections remain less than the possibilities of surgery.
• The possibility of error in choosing the appropriate places for injection is possible, but it decreases when the doctor has high experience in this field.
• The possibility of an allergic reaction or unpleasant reactions to the treatment is possible, but it is small, even if the injected preparations are safe.

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