With a “hatchback” body, Honda restores the “Civic” youthful character (video)

With a “hatchback” body, Honda restores the “Civic” youthful character (video)

With a “hatchback” body, Honda restores the “Civic” youthful character (video)

Honda announced that it will return this year to the “Civic” its distinctive youthful character, by introducing modifications that make it look more modern and powerful, including the “hatchback” structure that comes with a sloping back door, and acquires a sporty appearance, with large air vents on the front. And prominent lamps with a special design.

The modified model comes according to “moto1”, with a body length of 4 meters and 53 centimeters, 180 cm wide and 141 cm high, and the distance between the axles of the wheels is 273 cm. It is also equipped with uniquely designed sports wheels.

The cockpit of the new vehicle was completely decorated with chrome, and two screens were installed on it, a touch screen in the middle to control audio systems, navigation systems and vision from cameras, and another in front of the driver that works as a digital dashboard.

The Civic is equipped with comfortable leather seats that can accommodate five passengers, equipped with heating and cooling systems, as well as a distinctive interior lighting system, systems to maintain stability on turns, light and rain sensors, cameras and front and rear distance sensors, and a remote engine start system. ..

This car is offered in several versions, including a version with 1.5-liter turbocharged engines that generate a torque equivalent to 182 horsepower, and versions with 2.0-liter engines with a torque of 160 horsepower, and these engines will work with automatic gearboxes or six-speed mechanical boxes.

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