8 Fake Beauty Facts We Need to Stop Believing

8 Fake Beauty Facts We Need to Stop Believing

8 Fake Beauty Facts We Need to Stop Believing

Some of the common notions in the cosmetic field are like fake facts that have nothing to do with reality. Learn about 8 of the most popular ones and discover how to distinguish between the truth and the false promises they make.

Vegetable oils are useful for deeply nourishing hair

Vegetable oils cannot nourish the hair from the inside, as the molecules they make up are so large that it is difficult to penetrate deep into the hair. As for the importance of these oils, it lies in their water-repellent effect when applied before washing the hair, which reduces the hair’s absorption of water, which weakens its structure, strips it of its proteins, and makes it lose its freshness when it is dyed. The oil baths before shampoo ensure protection for the hair and contribute to washing it smoothly, as it reduces dryness of the hair and preserves its color. And preference in this area remains for jojoba, castor, lavender and avocado oils.

Micellar water does not need to be rinsed off

Micellar water is characterized by its watery formula that is applied to the skin with a piece of cotton. It usually contains active micelles that have a magnetic effect that captures impurities from the surface of the skin. If this product remains on the surface of the skin, it may cause irritation and discomfort, especially in the case of sensitive skin. Therefore, it is recommended to spray thermal water on the skin after cleansing it with micellar water. In the markets, you will find types of this preparation intended for sensitive skin, protecting it from any sensitivity or discomfort.

Modern perfumes lack stability on the skin

Tastes in the field of perfumes have changed between the past and the present. Some consider that the new perfumes are not strong enough compared to the old perfumes, and that nowadays preference is given to perfume water over what was previously extracted. It is worth mentioning that the stability of the fragrance is not only related to its concentration, but also to dryness or high humidity in the skin. Dry skin prevents the perfume from lingering, even if it is strong. As for well-moisturized skin, the aromatic molecules cling to it, even if the perfume composition is light.

Hair must be cut after the age of fifty

Hair care experts consider that there is nothing that prevents hair from being preserved for a long time at all ages, as long as it takes care of its health and quality and chooses the cut that suits it. But what usually happens is that during the fifth decade of life, hair loses some of its density as a result of the hormonal changes that a woman’s body goes through during this stage. She usually resorts to cutting her hair in the belief that this will make her look more youthful. But before making the decision to cut hair, it is possible to resort to treatments and lotions that enhance hair density and provide a solution to this problem.

It is necessary to coordinate the color of the eye shadow with the color of the eyes

The application of this principle means that the shades of pink and coral eyes, which are very popular this season, do not suit anyone, and that brown eyes have to apply only brown shades, and blue eyes are suitable for blue shades only. But in fact, there are no specific rules in this field, but rather a balance that suits the color of the skin, hair and eyes must be sought.

Makeup experts confirm that orange shades add radiance to both light and dark eyes, and that the preferred mixtures for this summer are between navy and green or pink and green shades.

The back of the hand is the best place to try foundation

Trying foundation cream on the back of the hand is a common habit, but it is a bad idea, because the color of the skin in this area is different from the color of the face. This prompts us to choose a color that is lighter or darker than required. Therefore, experts advise to try foundation cream on the lower jaw, which allows choosing the most appropriate color in this field.

Protective Cream With SPF 50 Prevents “Bronzing”

In fact, it does not prevent it, but it makes the tan safer and slower. There is no sunscreen that is able to completely prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin, and thus limit the high level of melanin responsible for “bronzing”.

The sunscreen with SPF 50 provides protection to the skin by 50 times reducing the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching it.

Try sunscreen products that are characterized by their spray formula, as they are less thick than cream formulas and provide the required protection when reapplied every hour.

It is necessary to wash oily hair on a daily basis

The opposite is true, as daily washing of oily hair increases the natural production of sebum secretions, which exacerbates the problem rather than solving it. Therefore, it is advised not to wash hair more than twice a week, regardless of its type, in order to maintain the health and balance of the scalp.

It is possible to use dry shampoos that take the form of foam or spray that are applied to the roots of the hair before combing it, which reduces the appearance of oily hair, pending the time to wash it again.

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