4 foods a pregnant woman should avoid

4 foods a pregnant woman should avoid

4 foods a pregnant woman should avoid

Pregnancy is a sensitive stage for a woman, so she must be given priority, especially in the foods that the pregnant woman eats, and the foods that should be avoided, because they pose a threat to the health of the fetus and the mother together, and among these foods that should not be eaten during pregnancy are:

raw meat

Any kind of raw meat is strictly forbidden to be eaten during pregnancy. Because this type of meat can cause infection with a type of virus, which leads to miscarriage and a number of health problems in pregnant women. Including sushi and sashimi. Also, the steak eaten during pregnancy must be fully cooked.

Unpasteurized milk

Fresh, unpasteurized milk, i.e. that which is not sterilized, should never be taken by a pregnant woman because it may cause food poisoning. You should always choose fresh, sterilized or pasteurized milk and dairy products because they are the best for health.

large fish species

During pregnancy, you should stay away from large types of fish, such as tuna, because these types of fish contain mercury, which infects pregnant women with digestive problems if they are obtained in large quantities.

Undercooked eggs

Undercooked eggs may contain salmonella bacteria, which are very dangerous to the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus together. Therefore, you should avoid eating uncooked eggs during pregnancy.

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