5 signs if you find your child .. he is smart

5 signs if you find your child .. he is smart

5 signs if you find your child .. he is smart

There are many different signs and signals that indicate the child’s intelligence and his ability to absorb and interact with those around him, but there are five prominent signs that, if they appear in the child, must be alerted in order to help him, motivate him and develop his abilities:

1- Curiosity: A child’s curiosity is one of the most important signs that indicate his intelligence and his tendency to explore and learn about the different things that revolve around him and to get acquainted with the things and people around him.

2- Asking too many questions: Smart kids often over-ask questions and generally don’t settle for short answers, they look for extended explanations.

3- The ability to observe: The smart child is distinguished by his ability to notice the things that happen around him and the condition of those around him, as his facial expressions often change or he tends to cry or even laugh when he notices them.

4- Lack of sleep: Intelligent children, in general, tend to sleep less, as they enjoy remarkable activity and a love of exploration that drives them to avoid sleep as much as possible and take advantage of the time available to them to develop their intelligence.

5- Learn the language early: The child’s early learning of language and speech indicates his remarkable intelligence, as he has a great desire to learn and the ability to focus and listen to the stories his mother tells him and the conversations that revolve around him, which make it easier for him to learn and absorb language.

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