Chinese “pickup” to compete with Toyota and Nissan cars (video)

Chinese “pickup” to compete with Toyota and Nissan cars (video)

Chinese “pickup” to compete with Toyota and Nissan cars (video)

Great Wall is preparing to launch its latest Artillery, which is supposed to be a strong competitor to the popular pick-up cars from Nissan and Toyota.

The new car came, according to “moto1”, as a model of a modified version of the Pao vehicles that Great Wall introduced this year, but it has received improvements that make it more suitable for off-road and difficult roads covered in water or mud, as it is equipped with With a special tube to provide air for the engine, large wheels, and its structure is designed to rise from the ground by 249 mm.

The car was supported by special suspension systems and Eibach springs, similar to those found in Ford F-150 cars, in addition to obtaining advanced lamps with LED technologies to provide excellent lighting, and its rear luggage box was designed to enable it to Transporting large loads, and its shock absorbers are supported by durable steel structures and coated with special materials that are resistant to shocks, rust and moisture factors.

The car – despite its design to be a four-wheel drive – got a cabin distinguished in terms of elegance and development, and was equipped with a pair of comfortable seats, and a driving interface equipped with a touch screen and the latest multimedia systems.

Great Wall launches its new car with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that generates a torque equivalent to 190 horsepower, and these engines will work with 8-speed automatic gearboxes, and front and four-wheel drive systems.

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