Saline solution for children’s colds

Saline solution for children’s colds

Saline solution for children’s colds

Some resort to using natural recipes instead of medical treatments, which often prove effective, including saline solution, which was recommended by a German pediatrician to treat colds and nasal congestion in children.

Dr. Hermann Joseph Kahl explained that decongestant preparations can be used in the form of drops or sprays only in exceptional cases, including: If the child has difficulty sleeping at night.

The doctor noted the need to use a preparation suitable for the age of the child, because the dose of preparations intended for adults is too high for children, and he also recommended putting a drop of the solution in each nostril at a rate of 4 to 5 times a day.

He added that it is possible to resort to decongestant preparations if the cold is also accompanied by sinusitis or otitis media, after consulting a doctor.

As for adults, inhaling saline helps relieve nasal congestion and wash the nose of mucus inside the nasal passages. The importance of saline solution is known to constrict blood vessels.

It is indicated that nasal congestion occurs as a result of swelling in the nasal cavity, which causes mucus to collect inside, difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping, and headaches.

How to prepare the brine

Mix a quarter of a spoonful of salt with 250 ml of hot water, and make sure to dissolve it well, so that it is ready for use when needed.

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