Mascara is the most allergenic makeup product

Mascara is the most allergenic makeup product

Mascara is the most allergenic makeup product

Mascara is an essential component of make-up tools, which no woman can do without, but experts warn against using it as it is the most allergic product, as a result of its application to the eyelashes and their proximity to the eye.

To avoid this problem, here are the necessary precautions to protect the eyes from any sensitivity in this area:

• Do not put the brush in and out more than once when using it, and suffice it with one time, because this causes the introduction of air and germs into it, which increases the possibility of causing allergies.

• It is recommended to place the closed container in a cup of hot water for two minutes before using it, in order to soften the product inside, or add two drops of almond oil to it to get the same effect.

Allergy or irritation in the eyes?

Some of us confuse an allergy to mascara with irritation that can occur in the eyes when using it. Only a dermatologist can determine the exact cause of your mascara discomfort.

Sensitivity may be to perfumes or oxides present in the preparation. As for irritation, it may be due to eye fatigue, high levels of pollution in the air, wearing contact lenses, entry of dust or a foreign body into the eye, or being in an air-conditioned atmosphere for long periods.

Important tips

• Beauticians advise after using mascara six months after opening it, because the composition of this product usually contains only a few preservatives that can cause eye irritation if it is added in large proportions to mascara.

• It is also advised not to share mascara with another person and not to add water, cosmetic milk, or lotion to it to soften it, provided that it is chosen with a special formula for sensitive eyes when suffering from any problems in this field.

Necessary care

• To reduce the possibility of exposure to sensitivity or irritation, it is necessary to clean the eyes of traces of make-up every evening using a product with an oil-water formula intended for this purpose.

• When you stay up late for long periods and your eyes get tired due to sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen, it is recommended to use a few drops of physiological serum and apply compresses of flower water designed to relax the eyes after removing make-up.

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