Samsung may launch a device that supports triple folding later this year

The latest leaks reviewed the details of the upcoming Korean giant’s plans, as Samsung is preparing to launch a device that supports triple folding, and the leaks also confirm that Samsung has canceled its plans to launch the Galaxy S23 FE.

The latest leaks confirmed that Samsung plans to launch a device that supports triple folding, and the leaks indicate that Samsung will start shipping this device this year.

Samsung has presented to the market during the past years a number of versions, which were divided between versions that support folding in a clamshell or versions that support folding similar to the Flod versions, as these versions were based on one joint of the screen.
On the other hand, Samsung plans to launch a new version of the devices that support folding, but the new design is based on two of the screen hinges, and it also consists of three sections.

During the CES events, Samsung presented a presentation of the distinctive screen with triple folding support, but the leaks did not provide more details about the upcoming device.

It is noteworthy that the Korean giant will achieve leadership with a new design for foldable devices in the market when launching the distinctive triple-folding device this year.

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