8 tips for safe driving in fog

8 tips for safe driving in fog

8 tips for safe driving in fog

The driver faces great difficulties while driving in bad weather conditions, such as winter, fog and sand storms, which requires taking a set of measures to reduce the risk of accidents.

Several insurance companies in the world provide their customers, annually when the winter and autumn seasons approach, a set of tips and instructions for safe and sound driving.

The American insurance company, Wagner, said that driving in fog is dangerous because of the low and difficult visibility, noting that this period of the year often witnesses an increase in the number of accidents due to the recklessness of some drivers.

On its website, it provided some useful tips for drivers:

1- Turn on the fog light: It is recommended to use it when the weather is bad only, as it gives you a clearer front view, and also helps to make your car visible in front of other vehicles.

2- Reduce speed: Experts stress the need to slow down before entering the clouds, because fog gives you a false sense of your speed and removes the visual indicators that the driver relies on.

3- Low headlights: High lights cause light to reflect on the fog in the direction of the driver, which leads to an increase in horizontal vision impairment, so it is advised to rely on low lights.

4- Traffic lights: their use is very necessary, in order to alert drivers of any movement you make.

5- Not stopping: Stopping in the middle of the road will undoubtedly lead to a traffic accident, given that the cars coming behind you will not notice you. And if you have to, it is advised to use traffic lights and stay as far away from the car as possible.

6- Avoid changing the lane: Changing the lane or overtaking other vehicles is one of the factors that cause fatal traffic accidents during the fog period.

7- The edge of the road: When there is no visibility, experts suggest using the right edge of the road, or road lines as your guide to keep your lane.

8- Do not challenge yourself: The last thing that can be advised to the driver is not to challenge himself in these circumstances, as nothing is worth a person risking his life for. Therefore, do not drive your car in this weather unless you have to, and if you are not, it is advised to stop at the first stop of your car until the weather improves.

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