Toyota recalls 2.4 million hybrid cars

Toyota recalls 2.4 million hybrid cars

Toyota recalls 2.4 million hybrid cars

The Japanese company Toyota is recalling more than 2.4 million hybrid cars, due to a defect that can cause collisions, just a month after the recall of the same type of car.

And the auto giant announced, on Friday, the process of withdrawing hybrid cars that combine the use of oil fuel and electricity, a month after a similar decision.

The group announced, last September, that it would withdraw more than a million hybrid cars from markets around the world, after revealing a technical problem that could cause fires.

The latest recall affects several models of the Prius and Auris hybrid cars, which were produced between October 2008 and November 2014, with more than one million units sold in Japan.

The recall also includes 830,000 vehicles in North America, 290,000 vehicles in Europe, 3,000 vehicles in China and the rest in other parts of the world.

Toyota said in a statement that the affected cars were included in a previous recall in 2014 and 2015, but that “the repair work that was carried out at that time did not anticipate the new situation that was observed in the current recall.”

The statement added that the new problem arises when cars do not enter “fail-safe driving mode as intended”.

Toyota explained, “When this happens, the car can malfunction and stop. While the steering and brakes continue to work, stopping the car while driving at high speeds can increase the risk of collisions.”

Japan’s transportation ministry said Toyota had reported three breakdowns locally related to the problem, but no accidents.

Last month, the auto giant announced a recall of 1.03 million cars worldwide due to a wiring issue that could cause car fires.

Toyota has sold more than 10 million hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles worldwide, including the Prius, since 1997.

In 2016, Toyota announced the recall of 3.37 million cars from the world market due to problems related to the airbags and the fuel emissions control unit.

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