Dell Announces Dell Latitude 9440 and 7000 Series and Precision 5680

Dell recently announced the new Dell Latitude 9440 with 7000 Series and Precision 5680 with 13th Generation Intel processors.

Dell introduces the new generation Dell Latitude 9440, Dell Latitude 7000 Series, and Dell Precision 5680 with Intel processors up to i7 in the highest model.
The Dell Latitude 9440 features a mini-LED backlit keyboard, which comes with 75% less power consumption, so it supports the continuation of battery charging for a longer time of up to 3 hours.

The computer also features wider keys to support the user with a better typing experience, and the keys are characterized by a quick response.

The device also includes a 14-inch screen, while the 13-inch body features QHD+ display quality and an InfinityEdge design with ultra-thin edges.

The Latitude 9440 is the first version with a touchpad that supports the customization of touch input to perform specific actions, a feature that provides good user support when making group calls or video calls, and can be customized for Zoom tasks, and the device is scheduled to support the Microsoft Teams application later this year.
Dell also introduced the Dell Latitude 7000 series, which includes the Latitude 7340 and Latitude 7440, with an ultra-thin design and screen size of 14 or 13.3 inches.

These versions are characterized by light weight, as the 13-inch premium version weighs less than 1 kg, while the premium version comes in a larger size and weighs more than 1 kg by a small percentage.

These devices also feature a magnesium or aluminum design in an elegant design, with a 5-megapixel camera and 5G network connectivity. The 16-inch Latitude 7000 is also available with a larger touchpad and audio system.
The 16-inch Dell Precision 5680 launches, which is a version targeting creative users and engineers, and is available with a 45W Intel Core i9 processor, with 64 GB of RAM in DDR5 memory, and it also supports the RTX 5000 Ada graphics card.

This version also features 16:10 dimensions, InfinityEdge frame design in three directions, the screen supports UHD + display quality, and the device comes with a powerful audio system.

The Dell Latitude 5680 also comes with an improved cooling system, with dual fans, and the device also includes an HDMI port, an SD memory card reader slot, and an optional smart card reader.

The device supports ISV standards that emphasize fast performance with higher reliability, and the Precision 5680 is a workstation device, and it comes with a recycled aluminum design, while the 9440 comes with a keyboard that includes 75% recycled plastic.

The Dell Latitude 7000 series is available at a price of $ 1,677, while other versions will be launched starting from April 20, with the devices available directly through Dell outlets.

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